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L2 en sección de Troubleshooting

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En Cisco Learning Network se anunció que a partir del 17 de enero del 2011 la sección de troubleshooting del examen CCIE® de R&S incluirá tickets de capa 2, en particular de switching, funcionalidad que no estaba hasta ahora integrada en sus simuladores.

Introducing inclusion of new Layer 2 switching capability in
the virtual lab environment of the CCIE R&S Troubleshooting exam

In alignment with CCIE level requirements, Cisco is adding L2 switching features
to the CCIE R&S Troubleshooting exam through L2 IOS software on Unix (L2IOU)
virtual environment. The new feature will be available starting January 17, 2011.

The CCIE R&S exam consists of 2 sections – the troubleshooting (TS) section which
runs two hours, and the Configuration (Config) section which is six hours. The Config
lab utilizes actual physical devices in racks, whereas, the TS lab uses a virtual
environment under IOU. IOU offers a very realistic simulation of router (L3+)
features in the TS lab but until now had no L2 switch capability. With the addition
of the new L2IOU, the TS lab will now include both L2 and L3 capabilities in the
virtual environment.


With this new capability you may notice some subtle cosmetic and functional differences
between the behaviors of the physical switch and the virtual switch. However, the
function of the devices is fundamentally the same, and these differences should not
affect your ability to apply what you have learned to succeed in the lab exam.

Fuente: New L2 Virtual Switching Capability Added to CCIE R&S Lab Exam

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